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About Faizan Hashmi

About Faizan Hashmi

He's young Photographer , Calligrapher & Director .Born and brought up in Delhi .

"As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated by that instant copy of life we call a photograph.   It did not matter if it was a nature scene or a portrait, I could never get enough of it. My fascination would lead me to spend countless hours peering through books, photo albums and magazines  dreaming about the story each photography told.  This obsession continues yet today, just now in the digital world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and while that might be true for some but it's much more than that to me, it's a story, an idea and an expression of the world we live in forever caught and I cannot get enough of it." says Faizan Hashmi

Faizan Hashmi is very serious with his photography,even though you might have the greatest time with him (He's pretty funny and kind of a big deal). He's focused  when his working....expect the same !  Always fun, laugh but professional. He's an entrepreneur seeking to expand his creativity by shooting spectacular photos mainly.

According to him first words, first steps, new beginnings, new commitments, rehonouring old commitments, at work or at play, having fun and being full of joy and innocence. A passionate look, a longing look, or just a look into another’s eyes, seeing a little bit of the soul beneath…..."

"These are all moments in our lives too quickly swept away by the continual marching of time. Moments that should be cherished and captured so that they can take our breath away time after time."

When you look at his port, please notice that he shoots in many styles- Fashion, Advertisement, New born , Kids , Modeling and wedding as well from purely commercial to pure art. And, he does them all quite well. He refuse to be locked into one single style and prefer to explore new ideas, new models, and new places whenever he can. So, whatever you are looking for, no matter how normal or unusual, he can certainly give you what you want.


He loves to experiment.He's never happy with the ordinary. It's in the unusual that you find extraordinary and He wants to work with passionate people  as his about photography. With that being said his tired of the flakes. He's tired of people on here that just want to look pretty and shoot when it doesn't inconvience their party/drinking schedule. Save the flakes for your breakfast cereal! Value his time and his energy spent in scheduling and planning a shoot and his promise to you he will do the same and He doesn't give up until he get there.